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The Tao of a Personal Injury Case

For the past quarter century, the firm has developed a philosophy in attacking insurance companies and large corporations when handling serious personal injury cases.

There is no substitute for experience!  Insurance companies do not willingly give away money.  These companies and large corporations weigh factors such as the plaintiff’s attorney’s experience, reputation, and track record in these types of cases, in deciding whether or not to offer a fair settlement.

If experience is lacking, that attorney is not viewed as a threat, and the insurance company will often attempt to settle the case for a lesser sum than it is worth.  It is common for large insurance companies to force a plaintiff to trial (and beyond in the Appellate Courts), before they part with their precious money.

Additionally, insurance companies know that certain litigation is very expensive and that most lawyers cannot afford costs which can easily exceed $100,000.00 with expert witnesses and other costs of litigation such as depositions.  Insurance companies know this, and will take advantage of the under-capitalized litigator.

At The Sweeney Firm, you can be assured that over the past quarter century, our reputation as tough litigators has been cemented in the minds of many large insurance companies, with millions upon millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements that have been obtained for our clients.

Additionally, you can be assured that we are financially capable of funding any personal injury case so that the best expert witnesses can be retained and that litigation expenses can be met.  We have given our clients the best chance to maximize their recoveries.  We are acutely aware that some clients who have suffered life altering injuries, have only one shot at seeking recompense.  You best bet is with experienced litigators such as our Firm!


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