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Silver Anniversary of Firm Approaches

We are so blessed to have been able to serve the public with competent and affordable legal representation for almost a quarter of a century.

We have grown, matured, and now have been recognized as the “go-to” firm in our areas of expertise.

To mark the silver anniversary of our firm, we have changed our name from the Law Offices of John E. Sweeney to The Sweeney Firm.  We believe that this change symbolizes the transition we have made as a firm from a small local law office, to one that has grown to enjoy a more regional and national reputation.  We undertake cases in many states, and sometimes in foreign countries, and we are very proud of this growth.

We have added new lawyers, and have kept up with the latest changes in technology which will ensure that we continue to provide competent, cutting-edge service to our clients.

We continue to take on cases of national importance which receive much media coverage, so continue to log on to the website to keep apprised of our latest cases.

At The Sweeney Firm, you can be assured that over the past quarter century, our reputation as tough litigators has been cemented in the minds of many large insurance companies, with millions upon millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements that have been obtained for our clients.

Additionally, you can be assured that we are financially capable of funding any personal injury case so that the best expert witnesses can be retained and that litigation expenses can be met.  We have given our clients the best chance to maximize their recoveries.  We are acutely aware that some clients who have suffered life altering injuries have only one shot at seeking recompense.  You best bet, is with experienced litigators such as our Firm!


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Silver Anniversary Approaches

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