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In 2003, I encountered one of the toughest opponents I had ever faced in trial in Deputy District Attorney Angela M. Powell.  After the trial, I knew that she would be a fabulous addition to our firm, so I approached her on the subject of leaving the District Attorney’s office, and becoming an associate with our firm.

When selecting attorneys to join our firm, I look at factors such as trial skills, ethics, and whether they possess the patience and ‘soft-touch’ to counsel a client who may be in the worst crisis of their life.

Finally, in 2005, I convinced Angela to leave the District Attorney’s office to join our firm.  I knew that she possessed all of the traits that I was looking for.  She has become a very important cog in the wheel of our firm.  The firm is indeed blessed to have such a fine attorney, and clients are blessed to have such a thorough and passionate advocate working on their behalf.

Please read Angela’s biography to learn a little more about her.  I am sure you will understand why she seems to always be on the winning side at trial.

John E. Sweeney, Esq.

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