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Biography of John E. Sweeney


Our firm handles a large number of serious personal injury, civil rights, discrimination, and criminal defense cases, and has very high rate of success. A few of our major cases throughout the years are highlighted here:

• Davis v. Universal Films (2007):
Of the many high profile cases that Mr. Sweeney has handled, he has stated that this was his most important and one of the most challenging. After three days of trial, in the United States District Court in Los Angeles, Universal offered to settle the case for a confidential amount.

• People v. Pravin Govin (2005):
One of the most highly publicized and notorious capital murder cases in Los Angeles city history. The first trial lasted two months and ended in a hung jury, with 9 of 12 jurors voting to acquit Mr. Govin.

• Porter v. Vencenti (2005):
Fire fighter injured by an out of control vehicle while standing in front of his La Canada-Flintridge firehouse. After a month long jury trial, a verdict was returned for plaintiff rewarding him damages in excess of $2 million. The defendants appealed the verdict, the matter proceeded to the California Appellate Court where the verdict was confirmed in full. The defendants paid over 2.4 million which represented the amount of the jury verdict, plus interest.

• The ‘King of Pop Music’ Michael Jackson’s Child Molestation Trial (2004):tucker
Mr. Sweeney represented the defense’s star witness, film superstar Chris Tucker, at the trial. Experts have stated that it was Chris Tucker’s testimony which convinced the jury that the victim was not truthful, which led to the Jackson acquittal.

• Flores v. Smith (2003):
A young high school student was severely injured in an automobile accident. The case was settled with the defendant’s insurance company for multiple millions.

• Blaylock v. Gila County, Arizona (2002):
Father of plaintiffs died while in the custody of Gila County Sheriff. The case was settled for a confidential amount.

• Charles Beatty v. City of Los Angeles (2001):
This case involving the unlawful shooting of an elderly man by an officer of the Los Angeles Police Department. After a 3 week jury trial, Mr. Beatty was awarded $2.4 million dollars by a Los Angeles Superior Court jury.

• Damgaard v. Los Angeles Philharmonic (2000):
Personal injury trial where plaintiff was falsely accused of an act while attending a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. A Los Angeles Superior Court jury awarded a large seven figure verdict to plaintiff.

• People v. Ross Delano Temple (1999):
Death penalty murder case in which Temple was acquitted by a Los Angeles Superior Court jury of one count of murder and four counts of attempted murder. This was one of the few ‘not-guilty’ verdicts in a death penalty case in the history of the state of California.

• People v. Lunsford Wessley (1999):
In that case, Mr. Sweeney received a very rare ‘not-guilty by reason of insanity’ verdict for his client.

• Estes v. Tustin Royale Retirement Home (1996):
A $980,000 jury verdict was won on behalf of Ms. Estes. At the time, the largest elder abuse verdict in Orange County, California history.

• Robert Gladden v. Pepperdine University (1985):
The tragic Baldwin Hills fire case, which involved the burning of seventy-five homes and the death of three people including Gladden’s mother. This was the largest tort litigation in Los Angeles court history with hundreds of parties involved. The case was settled for a confidential sum.

The Gladden case put the firm on the map as a major force in mass tort litigation.